Morais City Welfare Association | Work In Progress
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Work In Progress

1. Security enhancement

Security and safety of our residents is paramount for the association. Most residents feel that the current security arrangement is inadequate for a community as big as ours. Management committee is currently working on a proposal to increase security officers and have dedicated security supervisor to ensure enhanced security.

2. Children play area

To keep our future generation hale and healthy, management committee is working on a proposal to setup a children play area within the community. Spread over 3000 sq ft area, the amenities planned for may include slide, swing, seesaw, sand play area, etc. This area is planned to be fenced (diamond mesh) and have tree saplings planted.

3. Member registration

All residents are required to register through website under ‘Register’ menu. This will help the management committee to address all issues effectively and efficiently.

4. Vehicle stickers

Resident vehicle sticker are being discussed for both two and four wheelers owned by all residents. This will enable hassle free movement of vehicles at the main gate especially during night hours as the gate will be closed daily from 11.00 PM to 5 AM for regular traffic.

5. New fee collection methodology

Total monthly fee collected currently is much less than expenses. In order to increase revenue and to cover monthly community expenses, management committee is currently working on a revised fee collection methodology. This method is based on arriving at a monthly fee for each property based on road frontage and size of the road in addition to cost of common services such as garbage collection, security etc.