Morais City Welfare Association | About us
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About us

Get to know MCWA

Morais City Welfare Association (registration number 95/2016) was formed under the memorandum of association executed on 25 July 2015 and governed by the bylaws and rules and regulations. It was registered under the Tamil Nadu societies registration act XXVII of 1975 and registration rules 1978.

The main objectives for which this association was established shall be all or any one or combination of the following:

  • To be and to act as the Association of Morais City residential owners called MORAIS CITY WELFARE ASSOCIATION (hereinafter called the said Association)
  • To look after the welfare and common interest of the residential owners and their tenants at the above address.
  • To promote the common civic amenities of the residents of the flats & Individual House such as water supply, lighting, drainage, hygienic maintenance, security of the premises and recreations etc.,
  • To inspire fellowship among residents and to promote co-operation among them and to foster a sense of oneness among members as a model in community living.
  • To provide for maintenance, repair and replacement of common areas and facilities by contributions from the MORAIS CITY residential owners and if necessary by raising loans for that purpose.,
  • To represent to State & Central Governments, Corporations and other bodies, on its own or together with other associations, the problems encountered by the property owners, Developers/Construction Industry and seek proper remedies concerning the industry and trade.
  • To create an awareness amongst the Members about the socio economic conditions prevailing in the country and abroad and to generally do all such things that may help the general Public and the Members of the Association.
  • To make donations to trade Associations, educational, medical, technical, cultural associations/institutions, public causes, charitable institutions for the welfare of the association at large without caste, creed or religious distinctions.
  • To take loans/deposits from the members or the banks, financial institutions for the purpose of the objects of the Association, to pledge or mortgage the property of the Association with the approval of 2/3rd of the Members present in the Meeting.
  • To do all things necessary and conducive and incidental in attaining the objects of the association.